My Story

Ever since I was a young girl I have the memory of myself watching a Sports Game.

If it was a Real Madrid game with all the galácticos like Zidane, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Figo or even Casillas. Or watching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls play, seeing how that man changed the game forever. Sports became my passion! And I was never happier.

Yet little did I know that one day I would meet my idols and become a Sports Journalist.

That I would intern and work for My favorite team in the world, cover Profesional Games and somehow in a way be there covering history. I may have been and only be a small part of it all. But day by day I have the opportunity to cover games that will be remembered forever. Go home to bed and be as happy as that young girl once was. My childhood me would never believe me if I told her that even as an adult I would still get as excited to watch a game like she once did.

So this goes to that young girl and to every young child. I urge them to dream, To Follow those dreams, because there is no dream too big or small, put aside your fears, and do not listed to those people who laugh at your dreams, because one day not too far away you too can make them into Reality.